US PRO Vacuum, Fuel Pump & Carburettor Valve Pressure Tester 5395

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Large 80mm diameter gauge with colour coded easy-read scales.
Tests both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps. Used to test for worn or defective parts in fuel pump, carburettor and vacuum system.

Test pressure up to 10 PSI (0-0.7Kg/cm²), Vacuum Up To 28 in/Hg (0-70 cm-Hg). Long heavy-duty rubber hose with 14mm and 17mm manifold adapters. Brass fittings for compatibility with most cars.

Colour coded easy-read scales
Test pressure up to 10 PSI, Vacuum Up To 28 IN/Hg
Test fuel pumps, carburettor valves and vacuum system
Brass fittings: 1/4″-18 M x 1/8″-27 F, 1/8″-27 M x 7/32″ Barbed, 1/8″-27 F x 3/8″-18 M
Long heavy duty rubber hose with 14mm & 17mm adapters