US PRO 4pc Japanese Industry Standard Screwdriver Set 4612

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Japanese industry standard screwdrivers are recommended to help prevent damage to the screws when working on Japanese branded products and vehicles that use Japanese industrial standard screws.

Manufactured from S2 hardened steel for exceptional strength and durability. Each screwdriver has a solid, ergonomic handle in a tricolour finish with a precision ground tip ensure a good fit. The raised cushion grips are placed in key areas of the handle, this ensures a firm and positive connection to minimise slipping.

JIS PH3 x 150mm long
JIS PH2 x 150mm long
JIS PH2 x 100mm long
JIS PH1 x 75mm long

Blade and overall lengths:
JIS PH3 – Blade 150mm, Overall 270mm
JIS PH2 – Blade 150mm, Overall 270mm
JIS PH2 – Blade 100mm, Overall 220mm
JIS PH1 – Blade 75mm, Overall 175mm