US PRO 4 Leg Chain Sling – 2 m 10mm G80 6.7 Tonne – Adjustable 9111

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Simple but highly effective Lifting Chain slings are designed for use in a various selection of industrial, construction and rigging applications.

This Sling has a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 6.7 Tonnes and conforms to EN 818-4 (Grade 80). The grab hooks allow the chains to be shortened.

Full Details:
1 x Master Link: WLL 6.7T
4 x Connector Link: G80, WLL 3.15T
4 x Grab Hooks (Shorteners): G80, WLL 3.15T
4 x 2 Metre 10mm Chain: G80, WLL 3.15T
4 x Clevis Hook with Cast Latch: G80, WLL 3.15T
1 x ID Tag

It is important to ensure that adequate safety precautions are adhered to at all times in all aspects of the particular lifting scenario.

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Weight 5.500 kg