US PRO 3pc Brake Bleeder Wrench Set 12PT 6227

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Brake bleeder wrenches that are designed to simplify brake bleeding. The additional ease of access will in many cases allow the operator to bleed the brakes without removing the wheels.

• Wrench sizes: 8, 10 and 11mm
• Colour coded for easy identification
• 12 Point.

Clean and lubricate the bleed valve then fit the wrench over it. The wrench’s internal seal and built-in socket fits over the valve. The bleed tube is then fitted onto the nipple that is built into the wrench (a 1.2 metre length of silicone tube complete with one-way valve is supplied). The wrench can be turned and repositioned without any fear of dragging against the bleed tube, or separating the bleed tube from the valve.

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