Milwaukee Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blade 165mm x 15.87mm x 1.6mm Thin Kerf 24T 4932471311

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A high quality circular saw blade from Milwaukee, precision engineered for sharp and clean cuts in all soft and hard wood types, thanks to its 24 laser cut teeth and premium cobalt infused tungsten carbide build.

• PTFE coating: Cuts cooler, non stick for quicker cuts. Protects against corrosion and accumulation of resin.
• Laser cut vibration slots: Low vibration and increased accuracy. Slots are filled with polyurethane and act as shock absorbers by isolating the teeth from vibration.
• High grade laser cut steel: Guaranteed accuracy.
• Premium cobalt infused tungsten carbide: Sharp and clean cuts.
• Thin Kerf: Cordless optimised, extra thin cutting width for maximum runtime
• All wood types: Soft/ hardwood, plywood, laminated chipboard, melamine, MDF

Blade diameter: 165mm
Bore size: 15.87mm
Cutting width (kerf): 1.6mm
Hook angle: +15°
No. of teeth: 24
Tooth form: ATB

Pack quantity: 1