COBEL 3.2mm Mild Steel Welding Electrodes – E6013 5Kg Box 9162

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High quality, general purpose electrodes for welding mild steel. Suitable for both AC and DC polarity. Good welding in all positions including vertical down. Excellent gap-bridging and arc-striking ability with reduced risk of burn-through. Ideal for tack welding, assembly & shop welding, repair & maintenance.

• Diameter: 3.2mm
• Length: 350mm
• Weight: 5KGS
• Approval: CE, EN 13479, VdTUV
• Classifications: E6013, AWS 5.1, EN ISO 2560-B-E43 13A
• Good welding in all positions
• Amp Range: 80 – 130

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Weight 5.500 kg